Environmental Policy

Building for the future


We live and work in a tropical paradise and value the environments that we build in. Unique Environment Project Plans that meet the recognised standards of ISO 14001:2015 are created for every Jaytex development. The tailored plan ensures everything, from soil erosion, waste, noise, dust, weed, and water management, is considered and risk is minimised.

We are careful, we clean up after ourselves and we work to recognised, certified standards, including ISO 14001.

Our exemplary Environmental Policy is readily available and regular staff and contractor training is conducted to ensure we all understand our responsibilities and statutory obligations.

We also take up initiatives that minimise our company’s impact on the environment. We are an active collection centre for Cartridges 4 Planet Ark and FlouoroCycle.

Leftover paint and paint packaging is disposed via Paintback, which funds research into better uses of unwanted paint.

We lead by example and encourage all our subcontractors to respect the environment, support these initiatives and reduce their environmental footprint.