Our Expertise

Financial Strength

Our solid portfolio of high quality projects and long list of satisfied clients gives us reason to be justifiably proud of our capabilities. We have worked together as a team to build a strong balance sheet over the past 20 years and have a CAL accreditation for works $20m plus. You can have absolute confidence in the quality execution and completion of your projects with Jaytex, large or small.


We are nimble and can respond quickly to changes in projects as required by our clients, whether that’s starting a project quickly, or a changing program or design. Flexibility and responsiveness is how we’ve built a base of happy clients. Our clients have access to the ultimate decision makers and we are not constrained by layers of red tape, if you want something ‘out of the box’, we make it happen.

Management Approach

Our approach is all about giving you a smooth and easy experience. The same team that quotes your work will be the same team to deliver your work. You won’t get passed from division to division and important details won’t be missed or forgotten. A single point of contact brings transparency and reliability you can trust.


We are open and honest. We are in the business of client satisfaction so we do not try to win a job at any and all costs. We will never take on a job knowing there are issues with drawings or details, with the intention of charging the client with a variation after the contract is awarded. If we see an issue, we bring it to the client’s attention up front and help them work through it.

Jaytex will always give you the opportunity to view proposed layouts and costs, and change details beforehand to ensure that you get the place and space that is right for your business.