Experience 35+ years
  • Licensed builder
  • Entrepreneur

Brett Dixon


From laying concrete kerbing in Mildura to establishing one of the Northern Territory’s most successful businesses, Brett Dixon has always been driven to be his own boss. As someone who has thrived on the challenge of succeeding in a sometimes unrewarding economy, Brett truly understands the highs and pitfalls his clients face and works side by side with them to help them succeed.

His entrepreneurial interests extend past Jaytex Constructions to kerbing, real estate, property management, motorcycle dealerships and race horses, spanning Australia, Asia and Canada.

Brett’s professionalism and integrity go back to the days when a handshake was as solid as a written contract. That’s how Brett still does business – with transparency and respect. It’s this ‘open book’ approach to leadership that has fostered a successful and supportive culture at Jaytex Constructions.