CSG, office build, Darwin, inspiration, Jaytex Construction, Custom fit out


Budget $2.8m
Client CSG
Completion 2016
Size 1600 m2

As a warehouse based business with a need to fluently check in and out products, CSG’s disjointed office and warehouse set up was hampering business efficiency.

Making use of Jaytex’s specialty of custom design and construction, CSG took the opportunity to have their new premises designed around their business and completely optimised for their unique needs.

Space optimisation analysis was undertaken to increase efficiencies, reduce their footprint, and save costs. Location was also enhanced, maintaining their powerful corporate image.

The Jaytex team enjoy delivering the specialised needs required by purpose-built developments. The efficient and striking designs they create bring clients’ visions to life and express the culture of innovation and quality cultivated at Jaytex.